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Here we will present press and any essays on the practical or theoretical considerations and implications of creating and producing live horror performance.

A Perspective: Making Horror Theater as a Woman

In this essay, our co-founder Jolene Noelle describes both a perceived lack of artistic legitimacy for the horror genre and the contributions to it by women specifically and acutely.

Noelle largely draws on the history and current state of the film industry (the horror theater industry either lacking a data pool of useful size or the infrastructure to collect one) for statistics and anecdotes about women's participation in the horror genre as writers and directors, and the piece is now a few years old, but its broader point certainly remains salient and true for theatrical production as well: women are significantly underrepresented as creative leaders in horror production.

Traumaturgy Productions is founded in a belief that one of horror's most satisfying delights comes from discovering something new. Diversity of personnel, perspectives, and poltergeists is essential to sustaining that discovery. 

Stephen Christensen